Surprises and Pranks


Enjoy your stag do in company of hot girls and dwarf!
Booze & Girls & Dwarf
Add this crazy midget to your bachelor party!

Boost your stag do with little big adventure. Literally!

There is 135cm (4,5ft) of calamity prepared for your groom to turn his night inside out. Before he puts on a wedding ring, tie his hands to our Mr. Dwarf for couple of hours or for the whole night!

Two are better than one, aren't they?


Bucharest Topless Referee

Play football a little differently with a Romanian Topless Ref
Our Bucharest topless referee posing with a stag group.

Nowadays, everyman and his dog can play football, but have you tried playing when the referee is a beautiful Romanian topless woman? Can you keep your eyes on the ball, somehow we think not... How can you concentrate on the game, when getting a red card has never been so appealing!

Make the sacred game a little hotter by adding some feminine company. For the first time ever, try to keep your eyes off the prize (prizes?), and your eyes on the ball!


Stag Dinner with Dominatrix Striptease Show

This stripper will play with you a game of her own rules.
2-course dinner consists of typical Romanian dishes.
Dominatrix striptease will pump up the adrenaline in your blood!
Enjoy the atmosphere of traditional high-quality Romanian restaurant.

Have you ever thought you would need to pluck up your courage before going out for dinner?
Does the groom DARE for this special eating experience?

If the answer is "yes", then he definitely shouldn't miss out our unique combination of delicious dinner and Dominatrix striptease show!

After enjoying two-course meal there is a time for inviting mistress to play with your poor friend a dangerous game of her own rules.

Cheat at your own risk!


Hitchhiker Striptease

Surprise the groom with busty hitchhiker
Hot gir helps you kill the time in the car
Bucharest is a city of sinful hitchhikers!
Brighten up your transfer with tempting striptease

Do a good deed for the future groom ...and pleasure the eyes of your whole stag group as well!

During your stag stay you will experience many amazing actions. But what if a transfer from one activity to another becomes more exciting than an activity itself? There are only two reasons why it's suddenly too hot in a car: Either the air conditioning has broken down, or you have just picked up a hitchhiker. A pretty sexy hitchhiker.

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Thank you we had a good time. Alpesh tour of 18 shot down some flying clays in September 2014.
Thanks a lot for your help. we have had a great and special weekend in Bukarest. Group of 10 guys from Germany booked shooting, pub crawl and clubbing in September 2014.
Couldn't be any better! We received great customer service throughout our stay and had a memorable time in Bucharest. Lots of thanks and greetings :) Alexandre from Belgium booked the Sightseeing with Palace of Parliament visit and Absinthe Bar Crawl....
Amazed by how good the trip was. The guides kept us informed about all the activities and we always knew where and when to go. Therefore we could simply relax and have fun. Big thanks. When waking after hangover, it is always helpful to have a sober...
Beautiful city, beautiful girls, perfect organization, well-informed guides and lots of fun! Book your tour with StagForYou and you will not be disappointed. Some people come to Romania for birds watching, Fred's group came for girls watching with the...

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